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Fuck Yeah, Tim Gunn

What happened to Andrae?

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[When did you start saying “Make it work”?]

It was definitely at Parsons, probably 20 years ago. There was a senior working on a thesis. It was a yearlong course, and she wanted to start over in early March, and the project was due in May. And I said, “You put all this work into this, there’s no reason this can’t evolve.” If you just abandon something, and then start from scratch, and it happens to work out, fantastic. But what if it doesn’t? It’s much more likely that you’re going to have a struggle. Life is really about making it work. How do you take the existing conditions and make a success out of them?

"I’m here to guide, I’m here to support, I’m here to be the cheerleader, but you’re doing the heavy lifting. If you’re thinking you’re going to be a little bird in a nest and I’m going to drop worms in your mouth, you’re wrong."
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"It’s a mentoring approach with applications in fields well beyond fashion. Last fall, in an instantly viral Tumblr feed called “Academic Tim Gunn,” two Penn State academics imagined the style guru as a dissertation committee member with advice tailored to the humanities, including: “I want you to be cognizant of not overwriting this,” “That conclusion is such wretched excess” and “Your theoretical framework is Foucault, Derrida and Deleuze? That’s not avant-garde. That’s 80s.”"

i just finished Laura Bennet’s book “Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday”

definitely cute, a little heavy on the Manhattan-mom aspect for my personal taste but it is pretty stupid to complain about that since it is basically the premise!  so let me just say, for someone who is 80% bored with children, it was adorably told and definitely still held my interest for those parts.  A neat, unique p.o.v. of published (that I am aware of) narratives of ProjRun.

So overall, cute, entertaining, funny, insider info of PR, would recommend it!

I liked it enough to be putting her second book on my wishlist!

also tim gunn has a quote on the cover~  o3o

"If you have to ask if a clothing item is a dress or a top, it is always a top."
- Tim Gunn
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